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These are our current Catwel newsletters. To return to the Home Page, click on the link below. We will now be able to email copies of our latest newsletter, if you would prefer to have these via email and to request a copy, please email us at, and we will be happy to forward a copy to you.

Catwel Newsletter 42 - 2018

 Catwel Cardiff registered Charity no 1086255 - Newsletter 42 - 2018   


Hope you enjoy reading this newsletter.  It has been another extremely busy kitten season for us again.

Catwel operate a non-euthanasia policy and will NEVER allow a 'healthy' cat to be put to sleep just because it doesn't have a home or a carer willing to provide medication.
 As a result we have a number of 'Sponsor Cats' that are happily living out their lives with Catwel and are Sponsored by our extremely kind supporters for a small monthly donation. In return their Aunties and Uncle Sponsors receive bi-annual updates and Christmas and Valentines cards from the cats!
In the pictures attached you can see our oldest Sponsor Cat 'Teddy' and our newest 'Jessie'.
Poor little Jessie was born while in Catwel care. He had very badly infected eyes from birth and we had to unfortunately open his eyes way before he was ready for us too in order to clear away the infection. He needed his eyes cleaned three times daily, along with eye cream and later antibiotics, so in his early days had a lot of attention that he didn't necessarily find enjoyable! As a result Jessie doesn't like being picked up (we think he is worried that we are going to put cream in his eyes again!). Poor little boy has had two homes in his short life, he has been returned to Catwel from both of them as he was not a cwtchy, cuddly boy and doesn't like being picked up. He is the type of cat that comes to you for fuss. As you can see, he adores Teddy and has found his new feline friend and Sponsor Cat carer!
Teddy herself came to us as a feral cat and has been with us on our Sponsor Cat scheme for a number of years now. Her owners were very ill and unable to care for her any longer, so we have taken care of her and over the years she has become a very sweet natured cat.


We were asked by a family in Brecon if we could help a farm feral that had been visiting them. He was in a bit of a state with matted fur and fleas etc. They knew about us as they had adopted two beautiful kittens a few months back. We came up with a plan of trapping him and getting him to The Cardiff Cat Clinic. Once he was there he was neutered, chipped and due to his fur being so bad he needed to be completely shaved. He was picked up and stayed with us until his fur had grown back sufficiently to be released. In this time he started to trust us and after 8 weeks we were sure his feral days were long behind him. The Ham family had always wanted him to return to his farm so this is what was arranged. He is now called Genghis Ham and the updates we have received are so pleasing to us. He has settled back in and doesn't hide under bushes and hedges any more and he is now a loved family member that will live with his two other furry friends.

Another feral tail 

We were asked by our home visitor Ann if we could help a Farmer who had 18 farm cats. They are loved dearly but he knew the risks of interbreeding etc. We dispatched our equipment traps and carriers and between us we formulated a plan. Roy (the Farmer) set the trap every morning and over two weeks they were all caught, neutered, treated for fleas and worms and micro chipped and returned. The only real hiccup was there was so many cats that looked the same and in a dark barn and in a trap we did take a ginger male 3 times! Both Michael (The Cardiff Cat Clinic Owner) and we agreed that either this ginger boy enjoyed the car journey or just liked the anaesthetic or was just a little mentally challenged. We visit the farm regularly now and they all look so happy and content living their life on a farm. A natural solution to rodent control. 

Smudge & Zoe
Earlier this year Catwel asked Zoe Preece would she like to become a Trustee. Zoe was so delighted and duly accepted. Zoe and her gorgeous cat Smudge have been organising pet shows, making lovely items and many more competitions in a way of raising money for us on facebook. So far this year they have raised £1376.87. Catwel welcome you Zoe and are happy to have you on-board.  Please take a look at Smudges facebook page. Here's the link

As you all will be aware the weather in the last few months has been incredible. The heat was almost unbearable. The re-homing centre placed a call to Toptoys2u to see if they could lend us an air conditioning unit. For those who volunteer in The Catwel Cardiff Charity Shop will know just how generous this brilliant local company have been to us. They have been constantly donating brand new toys, puzzles,watches and so much more to us for the shop to sell. Well again they stepped in and actually donated a air conditioning unit to us. Words really can't express our gratitude to them. Catwel thank them very much. Here is their facebook shop link

The Catwel Cardiff Charity Shop

We always like to thank our volunteers that work so hard in the shop. You know who you all are. Catwel are truly grateful. It takes a minimum of 3 people every day to keep the shop staffed. Of late we have had a staff shortage on a Monday so sadly the decision was made to close. We are sad about this but we have no alternative at this present time. We ask again do you feel you can spare a few hours in the week to help out? If you can and would like to work with a vibrant dedicated team then give the shop a call on 02920694019. Catwel needs you!!!!

Thank you
Catwel want to say a big thank you to Teresa and Alistair Pattillo for raising £350 for us from the sale of refreshments and cakes when they opened up their lovely garden for charity. We are extremely grateful

Catwel food donation bins
Catwel would also like to thank :
Tesco - Culverhouse Cross &Tesco - Pengam Green
 Morrisons - Llanishen
Sainsbury's - Thornhill      

We are very grateful to these Supermarkets and their wonderful customers for donating food every week for all the cats and kittens in our care. 

Cats in our care needing loving permanent homes

Monty came into Catwel as a feral. He is lovely and loves his treats but keeps getting over looked as he will not let you pick him up. Not all cats do. He is such a handsome boy and he really needs an understanding home with no children. He likes other cats as he is in with his pen mate Mojo. Mojo also came in as a feral and again he doesn’t like to be picked up. He can be nervous to begin with but once he is used to you he likes attention. Mojo would benefit from a home with no children. These two boys are neutered and micro chipped and are ready to go. They will need patience and understanding. If you have both skill sets then get in touch. Please note a home check will be required. They don’t need to go together but we think it would be nice

Barley and her kitten 
Vanish came into Catwel from a farm. They are a lovely Mum and her Son. They were being looked after by a very kind girl called Josephine. We have promised this little girl we will find them a fab new home. They are both neutered and micro chipped and ready to go. Please note a home check will be required.

came into Catwel when his owner had a nasty fall at home. He had never been outside and was not neutered. He was constantly being picked on by the owners other cats. It has taken a while for this handsome boy to trust humans but now is absolutely stunning. He loves his fuss now and cuddles. Please note a home check will be required.

Norris or Norry as his owner called him was surrendered back to Catwel when his owner had a terrible fall at her home. She was rushed into hospital and to date is still there. This boy was homed by us some years ago. Norry was Hyperthyroid but we have paid for his thyroid to be removed so he go to new home not needing any medication. He is 14 years old but please don't let that put you off this lovely friendly boy. Please note a home check will be required.

Ken and Bluebell
These two feral cats Ken from Gabalfa and Bluebell from Splott Market came into Catwel individually. Bluebell had kittens which are all re homed. Ken was a stray. We put these two together and they absolutely adore each other. We have found them a new home where they will have so much space and they can stay together.  

We were asked if we could help with a cat in Merthyr who was struggling to eat and losing weight fast. He was a young cat and the owner could see that his mouth looked very sore and he was missing some teeth. We picked this lovely boy up and he was taken to the vets. He was suffering from stomititus the worst Michael (The Cardiff Cat Clinic) had seen. Bailey needed all but two teeth removed to stop the infection. There was no guarantee this would cure this terrible infection. But after 10 days we again picked him up for his check up and it was good news. Bailey had put on weight as he was now able to eat. The vets were very happy how his mouth is healing which is great news for this lovely boy.  

The importance of neutering and Micro chipping

 Some months back we were asked if we could help with a ginger cat that had been visiting a couples home in Thornhill. We advertised the cat on our facebook as found for a week and after no one came forward we stepped in to help. The trap was set and within a few days we had caught the cat. It was an un neutered male that was in a terrible state. We again re advertised him and two people came forward. One of the people had stated that their cat was micro chipped and neutered so this ruled this boy out as he was neither. The other owner had stated that her cat wasn't chipped or neutered. We asked for a picture of her missing cat and she supplied one. This was undoubtedly her missing boy. She had moved and this boy had escaped and had been missing for over 8 months. We agreed to meet at Valley Vets where we asked for him to be checked again for a chip and after he escaped the confines of his carrier whilst they were doing this he was recaptured with the help of a thick blanket. This boy had reverted back to feral as he had been away from home for so long. The owner met me there and were so delighted to be getting their cat back home. In fact Valley Vets was where this boy was registered so they booked him there and then for neutering. Lots of cat owners only see the importance of spaying females so do not agree with spaying or neutering at all. It is important for both as many charities are overwhelmed with unwanted cats and kittens as well as many other pets. This is a happy ending but this is not always the case. First picture hard life on the street- second picture in his home 

Catwel would also like to thank
The late Dr Tovey for leaving us £1000 in his memory
Mrs Anita Coombes for giving us a cheque for £1000 in memory of her late brother Mr Alan Nelson
We send our heart felt condolences 

  Some sad news that we hope all pets owners will heed
This year we have had so many calls from people that have had family that have sadly passed away or have gone into care leaving their beloved pets. This is a huge problem as many never plan for this. They often leave family or friends scrabbling around trying to find a rescue or another family member to take their pet in. We know that sometimes this cant be avoided but we do feel that it would be better to try and plan ahead so there is always a back up for their much loved pet. We know with Catwel it is about cats but this affects all animals really. Would you like this decision made for you by a family member? If you don't please have this conversation today and make a provision for your pet and have it memorialised in a will etc.

Catwel thank all our dedicated supporters, volunteers,donators and of course everyone who has adopted a  cat/kitten from us. Without your support we could not continue this amazing work. THANK YOU

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Catwel newsletter 41 Autunm / Winter

Catwel Cardiff registered Charity no 1086255 - Newsletter 41 Autumn/Winter newsletter  2017

Catwel is a Cardiff based Registered Charity, dedicated to the care and welfare of cats and kittens

Where has 2017 gone? Time has absolutely flown by this year and we now find ourselves thinking of Christmas and the New Year.We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our kind supporters, donors, and volunteers a very Happy Christmas and all best wishes for the  New Year.  Without the support and kindness of each and every one of you Catwel would not be able to continue it's important work of  making the lives of  so many stray, sick and abandoned cats so much better.  Thank you.

A very happy ending.........
 We regularly receive emails and messages from supporters who   have lost or found curious companions who often stray just that little bit too far from home. We are delighted to say that we do have quite a high success rate in re uniting these wayward cats and kittens with their owners. When we received a call about little "Rufus" being found and desperately trying to get in to the finders home. We issued our usual advice which includes taking the cat... to a local vet to check for a micro chip. A day or so later we had an update to say "Rufus" is chipped but the details on the registration are not up to date. (This happens a lot and usually signals the end of the road) However through determination and numerous trips across Cardiff we did locate the owner!! This lovely boy is a pedigree ragdoll, he is absolutely gorgeous but had not been neutered. We realised immediately that he was a stud breeding cat, so it is a good job we did continue to try and find his owner. Upon speaking to his owner we found that this was not the first time he had eloped in order to find a fact he was responsible for numerous kittens in the area!!
Upon being re-united his owner realised that the only way to prevent him wandering would be either to keep him locked up indoors or in a pen as most breeders would or retire him and get him neutered. Keen to put him and his welfare first we are delighted to report that it was decided to allow Catwel to get him neutered and find him a loving new home - on the condition that the new owners provide regular updates!! His owner/breeder clearly loves him very much and only wants the best for him.
We are proud to say that we arranged this and the lucky little boy has been neutered, re homed and his owners (old and new) are absolutely thrilled with the outcome we have arranged.
 A really happy ending for Eric and Ernie.
 These two little kittens were reported to us as an urgent request for help and advise.  A little girl had told her teachers about her brothers being cruel to a litter of kittens.  We were advised that the boys were throwing the kittens around, sitting on the kittens, putting the kittens in the oven and burning their whiskas off!! We were appalled.  The teachers had done an amazing job and had actually called to the little girls home and removed the little kittens.  We advised them to take the kittens to our vet to be checked for any injuries or broken bones and were delighted to hear that one of the teachers was going to keep two of the kittens and we would collected the other two little ones. 
We found that they were absolutely gorgeous despite their terrible start, and we found them a wonderful new home in St Mary Church, Cowbridge.  The boys are absolutely adored by their new family and we are so grateful.
Mr Floppy Ears
This adorable fella had been living the life of a stray tom cat on the streets in Merthyr for the beginning of his life.  He looked in such poor health when we were first advised of him.  We placed an advert in our page looking for his owner to no avail.  He was unneutered and seemed to be a real fighter as his ears were in such a poor state and he had cuts all over his nose.  When we had room we collected him and took him to the vets for a health check and to be neutered.  We found that his ears had become cauliflowered as he had been scratching them so much.  It was likely that they would be permanently folded and they were very dirty due to the fleas and mites that Floppy Ears was covered in.  After a couple of weeks of being with us and having regular food this gorgeous boy really came out of his shell and has put on an amazing amount of weight.  He is now a huge cat - he has huge paws and such a lovely personality.  He loves fuss and rolls over to have belly rubs!! He is adorable. Well the good news is he is now reserved and is going to his new home after Christmas. We are going to miss him greatly

Its not all happy endings in cat rescue.  Back in October we were asked if we could help and take in a stray kitten from St Melons. We arranged to pick up the kitten but sadly the day we got there he had been let out. We asked if they would contact us when he returned. A week later we received a call and we expected the lady to say the cat was back and to come and pick him up. The call started so well “ the little kitten has returned” “but he cant move his back legs” We asked if she could take the cat straight to our vets. The lady did. Despite the best efforts of The Cardiff Cat Clinic sadly the little one passed away.  It turned out he was poisoned. We alerted everyone via our Facebook page to be extra viglilant around the Coleford Drive area as this may have been a delibrate act.

 Thank you to Kath and Sue Williams for the christmas cards and calendars and thank you to Peter and Claire Valentine for the christmas cards.

Thank you once again to Toptoys2u for the huge donations of toys throughout the year.
Check out their facebook page

Special thank you to Zoe and Smudge for continuing to fundraise
Please check out Smudge's Facebook page

The Catwel Cardiff Charity Shop
Our Charity shop has continued to be a great success and we would like to thank all those who volunteer by working so hard there. By giving up your time every week this helps Catwel to continue to do its important work. We also would like to thank all those customers and all who donated goods to us to sell. Your support is amazing. Please keep us in mind with all your unwanted Christmas presents. If you feel you could spare a few hours a week and you would like to volunteer in the shop please ring them on 02920694019. There is a warm friendly atmosphere there and your help would be very much appreciated.

Cats looking for homes.....
          Riley – ginger/white


This is Riley. He has had a dental when he arrived and is approx 6-8 years old. Neutered and micro chipped, de flead and wormed. Lovely large cat that likes other cats. Would be happy to be indoors. Can be a little nervous to begin with. A stunning looking Ginger and White

 Rambo – black/white

This is Rambo. He is approx 4-5 years old neutered, micro chipped, de flead and wormed. He can be a little shy at first but soon settles. He likes other cats and is very loving. He is a big softy who needs a family of his own to love him and spoil him

 Rocky- black/white

This is Rocky. This boy needed a dental when he came in and now he hasn't many teeth left. He is approx 8-9 years old neutered and de flead again shy to begin with. Likes other cats. He is a big loving pussy cat who needs a warm lap to curl up on

 Toffee & Treacle black and ginger

Toffee (All ginger) and Treacle (all black) are two of our gorgeous babies looking for a new home. These lovely kittens were caught in Splott with their mum (all strays). Their Mum was neutered and returned to the lady who had been feeding them. Two have been successfully re homed and its so nice to get regular updates via our Catwel Facebook page. They are awaiting a family to love them. Please note a home check will be required.

Special appeal for Tallulah.....

This is Tallulah. She has been with Catwel for over 2 years. She is a lovely cat but she  is often over looked due to being all black and long haired. She also doesnt always show her best side (Which she has) when people visit all the other cats needing homes. Her problem is she really doesn't like other cats but being in a pen next to other cats is a problem when she is let out to meet her potential new family. She immediately starts growling at the other residents. Could you offer a home to her. She is lovely with humans.
Please note a home check will be required for all our cats/kittens needing home

14 cats to take in and re home

This year we helped with a closed cat rescue. The gentleman's wife had died and he needed to sell the property. We were asked if we could take in 14 cats and he would manage with the four that were left. We of course said we would. We asked if he could take them to the vets (The Cardiff Cat Clinic). So it was agreed we would take four to begin with. The good news was that besides a few needing dentals and one needing a thyroid operation they were all in good condition albeit they all needed flea and worming.  Margaret had two of them and the rehoming centre took the other two. They were placed on our blog spot and our facebook page and were rehomed very quickly. Well all have been re homed now with the exception of the three (Rocky, Rambo and Riley) which feature in this news letter. They are the last of the 14 and these are the most shy of them all. They are so loving just so unsure to begin with. We also say that the gentleman gave us some very collectable stamps and pottery for our shop to sell as way of thanking us. We are very grateful.
The importance of keeping your microchip details up to date.
Some months back we were asked if we could help with a injured ginger cat. The cat had a serious eye injury. We again said we would.  This cat had already been taken to a vets who had scanned it and noted that the cat was microchipped. No treatment was given which we thought was unbelievable. This poor cat must have been in agony. The vets said that they had tried to find it's owner. When we got involved we again tried but with no success. We managed to track down the vets that had implanted the chip but they had given the paperwork to their client who had never sent the paperwork off.  Its sad to think that this poor cat had an owner.  We picked the cat up and took to The Cardiff Cat Clinic and as soon as Michael saw the cats eye he knew that removal was the only option. This operation was carried out so the cat could be pain free. In the meantime we placed an appeal on the facebook page to find the owner. Sadly no one ever came forward so 2 weeks later the cat was returned to the family who had been feeding it for 2 months. They had become so attched to the little girl they wanted to keep her. Please when you read this if your pet is microchipped  check your details are up to date.  Many of us move, change our mobile phone number or indeed our house telephone number. We can honestly say that microchipping works. We have first hand experience of getting straying cats back to their grateful owners.

'Swinton' and 'Big Blue'

There is no denying that cat's definately have a way of detecting cat lovers – especially when they are in need or looking for food!  We have helped one such lovely lady a couple of years ago with a mum 'Ghost' and her kittens and twice this year with two very different cats.  One a huge and formidable semi-feral and one a very gentle but terribly matted elderly persian that we suspect his owner passed  away. We are very happy to report that she kindly had both cats back and is continuing to feed them both, as no owners came forward for them after we placed 'found cat' adverts on social media.  She very kindly made a large contribution of £250 towards veterinary treatment and sent a lovely letter of gratitude to Margaret.  We thought it would be lovely to share with all of our supporters........'Dear Mrs Harris,  I would like to express my sincere gratitude to yourselves and Cardiff Cat Clinic for the wonderful attention given last week to the elderly persian stray.   By his nature,  I would say this boy has had a caring home most of his life, and it's a joy to have the opportunity to try to restore the life this lovely cat once had.  I'd like to say a huge thanks to Catwel and Cardiff Cat Clinic for making this possible, and for you giving him the chance to enjoy his happy senior years ahead.   I'm pleased to say 'big blue' – (feral, part british blue) is also doing extremely well.  You might remember he put up quite a fight this summer, and wasn't at all happy to co-operate with your fearless Iris and Simon – who were both marvellous against such a challenge.  He won't let us touch him, but he keeps himself in excellent condition, beautiful coat, clear shining eyes – great appetite!  He calls every day for breakfast, mid-day snack and evening meal – and sometimes overnight accomodation in the conservatory if he's in the mood.  He gets on fine with Ghost and now our welcome new addition.  I'm sure he likes us – but I know he'll never let on!  I'm confident the three will live in harmony when they know Swinton is here to stay – they all share a special affinity, all rescued by the devoted people of Catwel Cardiff.  Thank you again so much,  Kath'
Thank you so much Kath for taking the time to write to show your gratitude and thank you so much for continuing to take care of your lucky companions.

Catwel would like to wish all of our supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you we appreciate your support

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Catwel Newsletter 39 Christmas 2016

Catwel Cardiff registered Charity no 1086255 - Newsletter 39 Christmas 2016
Catwel is a Cardiff based Registered Charity, dedicated to the care and welfare of cats and kittens – 83 Rhydypennau Road, Cyncoed, Cardiff CF23 6PZ, 02920753475
It's almost 30 years since I became involved in cat rescue work. As there had never been a group in Cardiff specifically dealing with cat rescue prior to this, it has been very hard. However, I must say that it is no better now, or even worse than it was all those years ago.
What can the reason be? For years we have been neutering all stray cats we hear of, every cat/kitten we home are automatically neutered and micro-chipped. National rescue groups provide vouchers and low cost schemes for neutering, so why have the numbers of stray/abandoned cats increased??
Sadly I think that people are 'purchasing' kittens from online websites. Sellers are offering kittens for sale with appealing images which cause a lot of impulse acquiring of kittens. They get their cash, no guarantees, no vet checks and no option to return the kitten if things don't work out, and of course no neutering. 
Often the have a go breeders expect bona fide rescue groups to take in the kittens that they haven't been able to sell and often we have calls from people who have purchased these kittens as they ultimately find that they are unable to keep them. It is all very frustrating.
Over the 2015/16 Christmas/New year period Catwel had over 60 cats and kittens in our care! Historically when we originally opened our sanctuary 10 years ago this was a quieter period and kittens were scarce. It is all very worrying
Where does the time go?
Five years ago Catwel (Cardiff) signed a lease for the rental of a shop premises at Whitchurch Road Cardiff.
This was a completely new venture for the Charity. Our main source of income prior to 2011 had been via donations, sponsoring our long term cats, three fairs and two auctions per annum. 
These fundraising events were thoroughly enjoyed by the Catwel team running the events, and the Customers who supported them. Often people speak longingly of the demise of the fairs and auction sales. However, nobody, least of all me, anticipated the tremendous success that the shop has become.
I'm of course not saying that the shop is not hard work - it certainly is. We have a wonderful team of volunteers who help keep it going. It is not an easy job though, there is often no spare time to have a chat and a rest to have a cup of tea is an absolute luxury. The reason for this is the tremendous support which we receive from the general public who never seem to tire of bringing donations either direct to the shop, left at the Cardiff Cat Clinic, or outside my home. We have now renewed our lease for a further five years, so it is to be hoped that the high levels of support will continue and new volunteers will continue to appear and help with the workload.

International Fame
As most of you know, our website (along with many other duties) is run by Simon. 
His skills include photographing our window displays and often showing the goods for sale on our shelves inside the shop.
We recently had a Blue Owl money box on one of our shelves in the shop. This was viewed by a Canadian friend of Teresa's who lives in Toronto.
Much to Teresa's surprise she received a message from this lady asking her to purchase the owl and send it to her in Canada, as she loves Owls!!
This modern technology never ceases to amaze me.Needless to say, her wishes have been complied with.
A Happy Ending (July 2016)
During a visit, one of our supporters mentioned that friends of his were feeding a rather timid white odd-eye cat.  As they had already adopted a stray, her friends were not anxious to acquire another cat.
I made a note of the details ready to pass on to Simon later in the day.
However, during the afternoon I visited the shop and noticed a note in our shop book that a gentleman had called to ask for help to find his cat - a white odd-eye!!
When I returned home, I looked up the road where the cat had been found, and then from where he came. The two roads were next to each other!!
I telephoned the finder - no answer. Phoned the owner - no answer, so I left the appropriate messages.An hour later, a message was left on my phone. The cat had been re-united with its owner.It seems the family who found the cat had advertised it and the owner had responded. The cat was micro-chipped, so if we had become "hands-on" involved, the first action we would have taken was to scan for a micro-chip and returned the cat to it's owner. It just shows that if people really love their cats they will look for them, and if those who find strays make the effort to advertise the cat and take to vets to check for a microchip, the owners can be found and a happy ending can occur.
We at Catwel would like to give a special thanks to:-

Gareth Peterson who ran the Cardiff Half Marathon for us and raised an amazing £293.75.

Zoe Preece and her special cat called Smudge for again organising The show is still open so get your amazing pet pictures to her. There are some amazing prizes to be won. This is Smudges 5th show and the money raised is all donated to us.

We also have specially made Christmas cards for Catwel donated from Kath Williams,Claire Valentine and Karen Jenkins

Gareth and Lucy from TOPTOYS2U  they have donated so many fantastic brand new toys to us for our shop to sell and helped and supported in so many ways this year with repairing the fence, painting and cleaning the decking at the re homing centre and so much more.
The pupils of Llanishen High School who raised a sum of £200 which they donated to us to help with our work.
To all for the Birthday wishes that were sent to Margaret Harris via our Catwel Face book page. There were over 80 well wishers. Margaret was touched by the lovely comments left by you all and she enjoyed reading them so much. 

Pets At Home/Support Adoption For Pets for donating a pallet of fabulous cat toys, beds, scratch posts etc
Zooplus for three full pallets of returned stock containing beds, litter trays, food, litter, scratch posts etc
 Tesco for supplying Catwel with an enormous amount of cat litter and food
 Pampurred pets for donating food and scratch posts
 Food collections for Catwel Cardiff are made at the following stores:
Morrisons,Tesco,Pets At Home,Sainsburys
Please note The Catwel Cardiff Charity Shop will be open on Sunday 4th,11th and the 18th in December prior to Christmas from 11am - 3pm........ - still time to get your fantastic new toys and games in time for Christmas!!!
Happy ending for Harvey
We were asked to find a new home for a unneutered stray that had been visiting a family in Llanishen for 3 months. The lady (Julia) said that due to her having two of her own cats she couldn't keep him. Catwel explained that to be sure he wasn't owned we would have to advertise him on our website with a photo which we did. Sadly after 4 weeks no one came forward to claim him. Arrangements were made to get him neutered and micro chipped at The Cardiff Cat Clinic and then we would place him on our waiting list to find him a new home. Well this boy didn't take long to get his new home. After Julia took him to the vets the family fell in love with him. Harvey as he is now called has settled in with his girl friends albeit an occasional hiss they are getting on so well. Julia says” Harvey is a huge cat” and “we have some presents for him for Christmas”. Not so sure he is liking his hat though.

Happy Homing for Bobby
Poor shy Bobby came into Catwel from another rescue with three others (there are still another 14 that they need help with). We placed an appeal on the website for a quiet home with no children. Jan and Pen came forward for him. Bobby has settled with them so well and Catwel have enjoyed the regular update and pictures. We are so grateful that this lovely boy has his new home.

Can't have a cat?.....sponsor one instead?
Fabulous gift for a cat loving friend or relative.  We have a number of long term cats with mobility, behavioural and medical problems that live with Catwel. Please contact us for more information or or email us at
Cats needing homes
We have many cats looking for new permanent loving homes – Here are just a few.

Harvey – Gorgeous semi-longhaired tabby male, approximately 6-8 months old. He has been neutered and micro chipped. He really is a very sweet natured little boy who loves fuss and cuddles. He gets on very well with other cats.

Monty – This handsome young man doesn't like children but has never shown any aggression towards us whatsoever. He loves his fuss, company and food! He has been neutered micro chipped and is fully vaccinated and is 2 years 10 months old.

Special Appeal for Cats needing homes
We have many 'timid' cats hoping to find a sympathetic home.  These little cats were rescued from various locations in the city and if it weren't for kind supporters making us aware of these little cats they would have ended up leading feral lives.  We have taken them in and provided for them, many have never been in a home environment so would require an experienced owner who would be prepared to offer them the love and patience they deserve. 

Kimi – taken in from Splott Market where there is a big feral cat problem. Catwel have been helping with spaying and neutering the adult cats and taking and taming the kittens. Kimi is a lovely little girl who loves other cats but will need a patient, understanding new owner to give her the time she needs and allow her to bond. She has been spayed and micro chipped and is approximately 18 months old.

Molly - born in a garden in the city. Molly was one of 6 kittens. Her sibling all have been successfully re homed but Molly was always the shyest little one. She loves other cats and would be a loving companion but would need time and patience to gain trust in her new owner. Molly has also been spayed and micro chipped. She is 18 months old.

 Jaffa - was born under decking in a garden in the city and had not been handled prior to coming into care. Jaffa came into our care with his mum and 3 other siblings. Due to him being the most timid he has been overlooked and all his family members have gone to their new homes. He loves other cats and currently sharing his pen with 2 friends to prevent him being lonely. He is neutered and micro chipped and is 12 months old

Tiger & Bob - these little boys are now 18 months old and have spent their lives with Catwel having been taken in as semi-feral kittens. Tiger (on the left) is a sweet natured little boy who loves other cats and loves his food! Bob I a little more timid. We understand that he was attacked by a fox as a kitten and as a result has no tail as it was bitten off when he tried to run away. These little brothers have both been neutered and micro chipped and we feel would be ideal indoor cats.

Scouty and Cilla - gorgeous sisters taken in as feral kittens from a totally feral mum. One of their sisters has been successfully been homed “Scout” is currently living with another little female Catwel Cat called Tess. Joley and Brian say that Scout is the sweetest natured little cat. She just needed love and time as do her sisters. These lovely little girls are 18 months old and are spayed and micro chipped.

Charlie – This boisterous young lad doesn't like other cats or children. Charlie does love company but Human company! He can be a bit of a handful at first but with patience and experienced owner can soon become his best friend. He loves to be outside and has been neutered micro chipped and is fully vaccinated. We think Charlie is approximately 5 years old.

Please contact us if you can offer any of these permanent home. A home check will be required.
Well, it's almost that time of year, and I am once again taking this opportunity to wish all our supporters a Happy Christmas and healthful New Year.
I think after all these years, you all know that I send very few Christmas cards, the newsletter has to serve that purpose.
So, I am taking this opportunity to thank everyone for the unstinting support which Catwel has received over many years.
If anyone feels that they can spare a few hours a week to help in the shop, I will be pleased to hear from you.
Best wishes to everyone of our supporters and readers and many thanks to all the helpers in the Catwel team who devote their time selflessly to help in many roles which ultimately enable the Charity to care for the many needy cats and kittens in our care.